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Friday, January 17, 2014

Projects #12 and #13

My next two January Projects were new starts.  They both came from a 1988 free Christmas project booklet by Gloria and Pat.  It had ten or so projects in it - you'd never get that for free now, lol!

Anyway, there are three or four in it that I want to do, but I these were my two favorites and I've had them kitted up for a while!

They are both in this picture - the tree made of hearts and the Wise Men.

 photo 2propic_zpsb5584b6e.jpg

#12 - The Heart of Christmas - got this far:

 photo heartc1_zps15e0939d.jpg

#13 - Three Kings - got this far:

 photo 3k1_zpse7778f59.jpg

Not huge amounts but they are started!  Both of these are to be finished this year - I want to decorate with them.


  1. I have a christmas one I need to do for a friend for next year but it's somewhat crass. lol I have to work out the pattern first, because all I have is a photo.

  2. Great new starts Tama. I love the wise men.


  3. I can see why you want to stitch them, they're cute. I think they would look lovely as decoration. And finishing should be do-able.

  4. Lovely designs. Hope you enjoy them both!