My Huge Work in Progress List!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mostly Caught Up!

Project #23 - the fifth puzzle!

 photo springdone_zps03950cda.jpg

One piece missing but my Mum worked this one first and says there were no pieces missing so she's searching her house for it!  Hopefully it turns up.  Although she was a little iffy if this one or the next one is the one she worked on, lol!

Project #24 - A Whole Lotta Latte

 photo latteJ14_zpsb21a84fb.jpg

I got the rest of the light pink done and almost all the dark pink on this cup and saucer.  Started the border, too.  My Mum was going through a box of greeting cards looking for a birthday card for her sister-in-law, and she found this - I was at her house working on Latte when she did!  It boggles the mind, haha!

 photo lattecard_zpse67c01ad.jpg

Project #25 - this one is crochet!  I bought this 1973 pattern book on etsy:

 photo hat1_zpscad51035.jpg
 photo hat3_zps3a7357aa.jpg

These are just some of the pictures - there are 36 hats in it! and I've decided to try and crochet them all (even though some have knitted bits and my knitting skills are bad) I think these old patterns are awesome, even if they are also occasionally weird!  I started with #1, the funny star-shaped one in the larger picture.  I don't know if I will ever get the nerve to wear it, but I'm making it in colors I like, just in case!  Otherwise it will go on etsy for someone who is more adventurous than me!

The original colors listed are taupe, yellow, and tangerine - very 70's, indeed!  I'm making it in dark brown, cream, and light brown and I got this far yesterday:

 photo hat1_zps74672dc8.jpg

So now I just need to get something out for today!  Maybe I'll work on an afghan.


  1. Love all the projects in this group Tama. To bad the puzzles are missing pieces.


  2. Love that 70s stuff!!! Cool puzzle too, and I hope you find the missing piece.

  3. I can't wait to see all 36 hats. That puzzle would make another great cross stitch!