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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Catching Up Again

I'm behind! Again!

Project #19 - the fourth puzzle:

 photo balloondone_zpsc2fc739d.jpg

It was missing two pieces.

Project #20 - Mary Wigham:

 photo marywJ14_zpsa91af30a.jpg

I started the next motif.  This is the last one down the side, I will be almost to the bottom!  The next one that goes across the bottom has its tip on the side, if that makes sense!  So when this motif is done, I will be within 1 1/2 inches of the bottom.  Or thereabouts.

Project #21 - Angel of Grace:

 photo graceJ14_zps1ec3ee4a.jpg

I got a little more of the two long, curling ribbons done.  There's one on her skirt and one coming from her other side.

Project #22 - Rooster Welcome - a new start!

 photo chickwel_zps04a2d1a0.jpg

This is an older kit by Design Works and it took forever to sort out the colors - they were just by name with no hint of how many strands like the newer kits have, and some of them were almost identical (like the three shades of grey)  Then once I got them sorted, I discovered that the three shades of gold, which make up a lot (the border, the sign, the eggs, and the head & neck of the rooster), have the wrong symbols on the chart.  The pale gold has the symbol for what is regular gold in the picture, the dark gold has the pale gold symbol, and the regular gold has the dark gold symbol - in case someone has this in their stash!  The rest of the symbols looked fairly correct; I didn't check them all that well because I was so very sleepy by the time I figured out what was wrong.  So this is all that got done!

 photo chick1_zps51710550.jpg

Back soon with the rest of my projects - now I am only 3 behind to show you!


  1. Those puzzles would make awesome cross stitch designs. Wonderful progress on the angel and Mary Wigham. I love the simplicity of the Rooster Welcome. I have a question about your start. It might just be the pic, but the top row looks like x's but the side looks like they are horizontal and not an x.


  2. I agree with Linda. I was thinking it would make a lovely cross stitch.

  3. That "Angel of Grace" is quite beautiful! I have to confess, I thought the puzzle was a cross stitch chart at first! It reminds me very much of some of the HAED pieces I've seen (and a few I have in my stash). Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and happy stitching.