My Huge Work in Progress List!


Friday, January 3, 2014

Love, and Puzzles

I got the top row of 'Love' done, with the little heart:

 photo love1_zps2c49409c.jpg

I think this one might become my new purse-project.  It's pretty simple.

My new project for the day isn't cross stitch - I got this set of jigsaw puzzles at a sale sometime in 2013; I decided to work them all in a row.  If all the pieces are present, I'll be able to sell these as a set for a pretty penny on eBay - gotta get some floss money!  Kitting up a HAED can really put a hole in your wallet, lol!

 photo ampuzzle_zps4f683183.jpg

I started the one in the top left corner, with the horse and buggy and all the birdhouses.  I'll wait until its done to show a picture here, but I'll probably have progress shots on my puzzle blog.

I have no idea what tomorrow's project will be!  I have to work all day, so I may dig out a really old WIP and do a few stitches on it.


  1. I love those puzzles!!!! Something about that Americana look really appeals to me.

  2. Great new start Tama. I love the puzzles. I would enjoy doing them.