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Friday, January 10, 2014

The Turtle Trot

I made a page with these, but I thought I would go ahead and repost them with what they will look like finished.  The Princess Palace is the only one I'm working on so far, but the others will get some love before February's post!  Turtle Trot rules and sign-up are HERE.

1. Cut-Thru Princess Palace, Bothy Threads kit

Bothy Cut-Thru Princess Palace photo BOT-Ppalace_zps9c0ec34f.jpg

 photo qsnap1_zpscc838c65.jpg

2. Chang Wu Fei, Gundam Wing Pilot #5 - made with PC Stitch

Wufei Pattern Picture photo wufeipic_zps2d8b5eb5.jpg

 photo feiFACE_zps57e9a82b.jpg

3. Angel of Grace, Lavender and Lace
Angel of Grace - L&L photo ag_zpsecea93c7.jpg

Angel of Grace progress - 2013 photo gracie_zps3b07a81b.jpg

4. Mary Wigham, a formerly free pattern from Needleprint

MWig Wide May photo marywmay_zps51150a14.jpg

5. A Whole Lotta Latte, a Dimensions kit

A Whole Lotta Latte - First progress Pic photo latte1_zpsc8091c42.jpg

6. QS Lovers, by HAED

 photo QSlovers.jpg

QS Lovers - May photo loveIHSWmay_zpsca3b0b23.jpg

7. info coming soon

8. info coming soon

9. Yarr, by HAED
 photo Yarr_zpsdfa0d718.jpg

 photo yarr1_zpsb876fe0a.jpg

10. Snowing, by Witchykitt Designs

 photo snowprog_zps6fd95c0b.jpg

 photo snow2_zps17e7d002.jpg


  1. They are all great wips to have:)

  2. Love all your choices Tama. The palace is looking good.


  3. They are all wonderful projects. Good luck for a great year's stitching on them. :)

  4. Great projects. I haven't heard about Witchykitt Designs before, this kitty is very cute

  5. I love #4. So how many cross stitch projects do you have going at once?!

  6. Beautiful work! I can never work on black fabric again, but I bet it's going to be stunning when it's finished.

  7. Wow all of your wips are fantastic! I especially love Yarrrrr, he's pretty cute. I have stitched A whole lotta latte and it's a lot of fun. Those colours against the black look brilliant! Good luck and enjoy it all.
    Alicia xo