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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Two New Projects, Some Progress, and Puzzles

I finished two more of the puzzles.  The second had eight pieces missing, which as my mother mildly put it, "That's rather disappointing."  She was visiting and helped me finish that one off.  We left it put together in case the pieces turn up in one of the other boxes - wouldn't be the first time that happened with puzzles I've bought at some sort of second-hand sale.  It was still fun to work, anyway.

 photo delightdone_zpse0d3a024.jpg

The third had all its pieces, but no extras.

 photo glakesdone_zpsbe36f87e.jpg

I was going to count all six as one project for January, but I decided to be lazy and split them up since I didn't start anything else to replace them.  So that's starts #6 and #7 - I think.  I've already lost track!

#8 - Rose Bouquet; the second older kit with a rusty needle!

 photo bucket_zps57831414.jpg

My start, such as it is.

 photo bucket2_zpsae1f4b01.jpg

#9 - Friendship;  This one I bought at the same time and its needle was also rusted and useless, but it was taped to the back of the pattern so at least there were no spots on the fabric.

 photo heart_zpsd1e9125f.jpg

I got half the first border done:

 photo heart1_zps9e908201.jpg

And here's an update on the Cook's Guide!

 photo cook2_zpscb375097.jpg

The next time you see this one, it will be done - three lines of backstitching and the bottom border.

I didn't start anything new for today - I decided to get a WIP out.  Since today should have been the first Turtle-Trot post, I got out Princess Palace, which looked like this:

And I will have whatever tiny update there is tomorrow!


  1. The puzzles must be quite relazing, I used to do them.

    Great starts!

  2. Sorry about the puzzle pieces missing. My fiance' LOVES the online puzzle game on Facebook, 'Jigsaw World'. I played it a lot over the summer but haven't in awhile.

  3. The puzzles look like they're quite relaxing! At least they're big enough that the impact of the missing pieces doesn't destroy them, in terms of how they look. Those kits are going to look so cool when they're stitched up, too!

  4. Love your new starts Tama. I might be interested in buying the puzzles from you when they are done.