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Thursday, March 20, 2008

10 Project Challenge

I've been lurking here
And I've decided to try the 10-project challenge.
Then, if I can handle it, I'll move on to the 25-project challenge.
I just bought some stash last night, so it shouldn't be too difficult for me to resist anything new.
Here are the rules
Doesn't seem too hard to stick to.
I am going to make a list, though, although I may change it.
1. It's Not Easy (xs)
2. Spike (xs)
3. Nautical (xs)
4. Pineapple Doily (crochet)
5. Red 'Beginner' Scarf (knit)
6. Archangel (xs)
7. Dolphin Play (xs)
8. Brown Bears (xs)
9. An ornament (any) done!
10. Figwit plushie (sewing)
As for today, after the regular day's work, I went shopping with my sister and then to the movies with my brother. (We watched 10000 BC - pretty good) So there was no stitching. Although I may get a little done before bed, since I don't have to go anywhere until 11am tomorrow. I'd like to at least get half the doggie finished. Her head and neck are done, except for backstitching.

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