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Monday, March 10, 2008

UFO Week!

I like to take the second week of the month and work on UFO's, in between 'real' stitching time spent on my focus piece. I have lots of UFOs, usually big projects that I started and got fed up with.
Some, however, are kits that I opened and started for two reasons:
1. Because I could
2. Because at the time I bought most of them, I worked at a small business with a very controlling woman as a supervisor. She treated all three of us who worked under her like we were her exasperating children. If A went shopping and talked about it, she had to know how much was spent, what on, did she check for bargains? things like that. Nosy and annoying and none of her business, but we wouldn't have cared much - who doesn't like talking about what they just bought? - if she hadn't been so 'you're so stupid and irresponisible!' about it.
So, of course, she thought cross stitch a waste of my time and money. Now, anyone who knows me wil tell you I hate confrontation and I'll nod and agree to just about anything to keep from getting in an arguement.
Then later, I think of some excuse.
so, yes, I am sneaky. It's a curse.
At the time, the only way I had ever heard of cross stitch was pretty much to buy kits.
And oh, didn't I buy every one I could get my greedy little hands on? Still not a huge abount - I hadn't discovered eBay then, either - and I was pretty much limited to what they had at WalMart. Hey, I got 'the Wave' there for $10. Compared to eBay prices on that kit, that's wonderful! I got TW's Noah's Ark there, too, also for $10.
But I digress. If I bought a kit, Ms. Boss would try to talk me into returning it - 'you don't have time for stitching what you already have!' - like THAT was going to stop me! So, being sneaky, I opened every one and started it. Just a little start in a corner or something. So I could calmly say 'too late, I can't take it back.'
It worked quite splendidly. I still got lectures on self-control, but I'm really good at ignoring long-winded speeches. Don't ask.
The only downside is that I have a drawer full of barely-started UFO kits to go with the big projects - about 6 of those - that I put aside 'for awhile'.
So this month, I'm going to finish a motif on two of those kits, then pick another to just work on for a day or so, and Vash will take up the rest of my UFO stitching.
I already got the coffee cup done on 'Wake Up and Smell the Coffee', so that's one down. Next I'm going to finish the whale block on 'Americana Lighthouse'. I haven't chosen the last project yet, but expect piccies of those by tomorrow, if not later tonight.

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