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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Epic Battle of the Scroll Frames

We're having such weird weather here - it's sunny and bright out and yet it's snowing. The snow doesn't stick for long, only in the mornings. Just long enough to either close the schools or put them on late schedule. Then everything clears up and is fine.

Anyway, I finally broke down and put Archangel on the scroll rods - he didn't fit in my Q-snaps anymore without mashing his stitches, and I hate to do that.

So, the frame was occupied by an old UFO - 'Pray Without Ceasing'. I almost started working on it instead of Archangel, but I resisted! I took it off, then realized that the rods it was on were too small for Archangel. So I have to hunt down the longer rods.

Then I have to fight to get him on them - I don't like to sew my projects on, or tape them. I'm too nervous that I'll ruin them. So, once he's safely on the rods, I have to get the rods on the frame ends.

Guh. Not easy. I got my Dad to tighten them up with his tools last time... you know, cheap frame, comes loose easy? So now, of course, they didn't want to come loose.

Then it was time to get the stand out. I haven't used it in ages, so it was dusty. And wobbly. And pathetic. It took my sister and I both to get it all set up - one holding bits together while the other person tightened the lil' wing nuts. Why, again, do I use these things? There are a dozen of those little things to battle, and if they're not positioned just right for stitching, you have to loosen-tighten them all over again.

Then neither of us could find the acid-free tissue paper that we use for a lot of our crafts - I always put it between the frame and the stitching.

Then, we finally found it and it was all put together, the blasted thing was too heavy and kept tilting forward. I remember setting a cinderblock on it last time, but the thing wasn't packed when we moved - why would I pack a cinderblock? lol! Anyway, maybe you can tell what we finally did in the picture... hey, whatever works...

Anyway, I am still working on the puppy, too! I'll try and get a scan of my progress of it tomorrow. She has a little over half a body now!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really like the pieces you are working on! Have a great day!

  2. Wow, what a hassle that must have been! I have scroll bars, but haven't really used them for cross stitching. I used to do needlepoint with them. But I don't have a floor stand! If I did, I would likely use my scroll bars for everything. I am so tired of trying to hold up my Q Snaps! Good luck with the puppy. Can't wait to see more progress.