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Monday, March 31, 2008

Pretty Good Progress

I didn't do too badly with my stitching for a work day! In fact, I think I got a little more done than I do on my days off...

Spike went from 567 stitches to 790. He's still only a block of dark green, though. No point in taking a pic.

My puppy needs half a back leg to have a whole body.

I started 'My Baby Duck' because I said I was going to start it in March. I got about 15 stitches on it, but hey! it's started!

And I still have more of the evening to go. I bought 'Rose Red' on DVD the other day, so I think I'll watch it and work on the puppy some more. Slow going, because I sit there staring at the screen just holding the needle, but it's a looooong movie. Like, 4 hours long. I may not finish it tonight, but I should finish the puppy's leg!

Also, I was looking through some old - very old - cross stitch magazines when my Mum stopped by. Usually she's just 'oh, that's nice' when she sees my stitching, but this sampler she actually liked! So she'll be getting it for Mother's Day if I get the puppy done for my grandmother in the next week or two. It's called 'Shaker Mulberry Sampler' and is from Women's Circle Cross Stitching magazine, October 1987.

It'll look cute with the Schoolhouse Sampler I stitched for her... way back in 2003, before I had to give up stitching for a while. That's one of the few other things she liked before it was actually stitched up. She loves everything I give her, but I'm not entirely sure if she likes them because of what they are, or because I made it for her. She is a mummy, after all. I hear they're like that...


If I get the puppy's body done before bedtime, I'll post a pic!

And if I stay up all night because the movie terrified me, I'll post a pic of even more stitching!

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