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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rose of Sharon started

I started my 'Rose of Sharon' yesterday - she's lovely so far. I'll post a pic of her tomorrow, after the SAL is done. I'm just so happy with her, I want to chatter about it. Even if she is just an odd green and brown blob right now.
I am having fun with the roses. I'm changing them to white, but I didn't want to use greys as the accent colors, so I used really pale blues. They look like the roses my grandmother used to call 'ice roses'. I haven't seen that kind of rose in years. I don't even know if that is the 'official' name for them.

I still don't have my Dragon Dreams patterns. The store hasn't got them in from Canada yet. This means I also don't have my new copy of 'Brinkerhoff Home', so I can't work on it. I usually work on it sometime during the first week of the month, but if it's not here by Wednesday, I guess I'll just have to rearrange my rotation. Not something I want to do, but there's no way I can work from the old pattern. A slightly scary movie, a glass of ice-water, a hyperactive dog and a ringing doorbell all conspired together to absolutely destroy it. I didn't even have a working copy. I've been hesitant to make any after I found out about how L&L's designer feels about them.

I found my Silly Snobs pattern 'What Catnip?' I thought it was gone forever - in one of those unexplainable vanishes - but I was sorting through patterns to see what I might put in my 'Trade' album and I found it stuck inside a folder with some single-page Calico Crossroads patterns. It's just like me - I prolly put it there 'so I won't forget where it is' and promptly forgot. Ah, well, at least it's home now. After I finish 'Snowkat', I think I'll start it.

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