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Saturday, March 8, 2008

It's Snowing!

It is just pouring the snow outside! We were supposed to get 2-3 inches and instead we have seven!
And it's still snowing!
Tomorrow is my sister's nineteenth birthday - we've always gone out for dinner on someone's birthday in our family, but now it's looking iffy. I'm not sure Chinese is worth the risk of driving on these mountain roads - and since I'm crazy for Chinese food, that's saying a lot!

Here's the SBQ -
After you stitch a pattern or kit, what do you do with it?

I usually pack it away until I find someone who specifically wants that kit and doesn't mind getting just the pattern. If it's just a pattern, no kit, I usually keep it, because it's almost always from a book or a magazine, with other patterns. I have a friend who sends me her kit patterns, that's how I got the patterns for 'Soul Music' and 'Gift of the Eagle Feather'. Both of those are ridiculously hard to find. Now I just have to get all the floss for them.

I did get a little stitching done today - very little. I finished the coffee cup in the block corner of my 'Wake Up and Smell the Coffee' kit. I also backstitched the corner before I realized that the border would be touching it. I hate to frog backstitching, but I guess it's got to be done...

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