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Thursday, March 27, 2008

WIPs and a Finish!

Here's what my doggie looked like as of yesterday - she has front legs! Although, the white paws are not easy to see...

And here's Nautical with a bit more stitching - also with white that is difficult to see. The sail I've stitched on the boat just doesn't show up on my camera... if you click the picture, you might be able to see it.

And then there's my finish - it's a freebie from Mosey 'n Me called 'Bad Hare Day'. I scanned it and took a picture, and neither one does it justice. It's absolute adorable IRL! I used Rustico fabric because I didn't have any blue, and I thought they'd be cute on it. The chubby bunny on the left is my favorite!

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  1. You've made great progress on the puppy! She's so cute. And I love the Bad Hare Day picture. Looking forward to seeing more of Nautical. I think I may stitch up a quick little project. I had a feeling when I got back to Mother's Arms, that I would want to do a couple of small things just to be able to finish something, LOL!