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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Works in Progress

So here are some updates after my day of stitching.
Wufei first - the scanner left a weird shadow on his face that freaked me out - I thought I had gotten something on him, but when I took him out and looked at him, he was fine. *faints* I had already finished his neck; today I got a fair amount of his shirt done.

And this is the grand beginning of Spike - 453 stitches out of 10,000. So that's ... 4.5% done. It looks black, but it's really dark green.

And this is my Snowkat, from Calico Crossroads. I thought I had finished the box, but as it turned out, I had only done the top and one side - I don't know what I was thinking. Anyway, now it's finished. And the pawprint, except for backstitching it. I'm going to finish the backstitch border tomorrow if I have the time.

So, it was a pretty fun day. Three movies, three projects, and three cups of coffee (I'm trying to cut back).

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  1. Sorry I hate gundam LOL. But that wip is stunning!