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Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's Earth Day!

I'm going to change my playlist - 'What A Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong shall be the first song for a while. I love that song anyway - so it may be the first song for a good long time! And my other grandmother, who has passed away, loved 'Blueberry Hill', so that's second. They both make me think of outdoors and all that... Well, I'm going to spend some time outdoors, myself! But I'll post some WIPs tonight if I get enough done! I'm going to spend my 'Earth Hour' - the one where you turn off all the lights and such - outdoors, but then I'm coming back in, turning on one light, and stitching.


Well, here's some of what I was doing on Earth Day!
Starting my garden! It's getting close to being warm enough: 2-3 more weeks and there shouldn't be any more frost; a month at the most. So I've started the basics inside. The big group is mostly tomatoes - I love tomatoes! - and other veggies. The small group is my sister's herbs. We plant flowers, too, but usually just directly into the garden for them. Flowers do better than vegetables around here.

I also got some of my stash in - these were ordered before I started my 10-project challenge! There'll be more trickling in later. The first two I've had for a little while, I just didn't put a pic up. Brinkerhoff Home by Debbie Patrick, and Why Hoard Gold? by Dragon Dreams. The group at the bottom is all the pieces of 'The Album Quilt' from old issues of Just Cross Stitch. It's a huge project and it will probably be next year before I start it - but I found an offer to get them for just the shipping, and since I've wanted them for a long time, I just snapped them up! ^__^ I was also sent the threads for The Wave by a stitcher who'd finished the project and wanted her leftovers to get a good home - I'll put them to good use, since I usually use up all the floss from kits and sometimes need more. She has a really awesome blog, go visit it here!

I'll be getting more pre-ordered stash in over the next few days - I hope - the last of stuff for a while! Got to get some money saved up for summer and a possible job change. I should be finished with my part-time classes then and ready for a new work experience... which makes me nervous but it's something different. I have trouble sticking with any one thing for a long time. Not great for retirement planning but... I can't seem to help it.

As for stitching, I got a wee bit done on Archangel but not enough for a photo. I will be working on Rose of Sharon for the rest of the weekend, and hope to get a decent chunk done. Then it's back to the puppy!

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  1. Love your new playlist! So much fun to have music along with something good to read and pretty pics. I'm so clueless, I didn't even realize it was Earth Day! And here in Israel, because of the Sabbath, we observed Earth Hour on Thursday night (and I didn't know about that, either! Yikes, I need to get out more - or at least watch the news.

    If you like dragons, I have a pattern you might like. I'll e-mail you.

    Oh, and thanks for the plug for my blog! LOL