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Monday, March 3, 2008

looong day

I helped out at a yardsale/hotdog sale for a local charity today - i'm beat! i made fried apple pies almost by myself. there was only one other lady there who knew how, so we had to make them. At least I didn't have to help set up the yard sale - i hate carrying boxes. I ended up helping carry what didn't sell back into the storage building, though. Ick. I was there from 7AM to almost 6PM, so I got very little stitching done today.
But tomorrow it's supposed to rain! and I have the day off! which means, besides feeding the furbabies and such, i have no responsiblities! I think i'll stitch alllllll day long. movies, coffee, and cross stitch, with the occasional internet/writing break. I'll be a lazy puddle by the end of the day.
ah, Joy!

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