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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

An Afghan Update

I found my red floss - it was in my purse, where it should not be - I have a small separate bag that I carry this project in.  I'm working away at the S block; I have to go out for a while but I'll be back today with it finished :D

I thought I would show the afghan projects I have going - I am almost as bad with them as I am with cross stitch, when it comes to having too many on the go!  And I haven't updated them in a while.

I have the first Rings of Change to here:

Not tired of Turqua just yet :D

The second one is through the second color pattern:

Now for the Moogly Afghan CAL - there have been two squares every month but I was stuck on the very first one.  All those horrible quadruple-treble crochets, and of course, as soon as I finally got the hang of making them neatly, I only had two left to do.  I had no intention at all of pulling any out!  After I got past those, it was easy-peasy.  And now I can move on to the other squares :D

The Moogly square #1:

It's called Tamara's Kismet Square and the pattern stitch is Jacob's Ladder.  Only change I made was the last two rows - my square needed to be 12 inches and it was coming out just a little too small so I changed them from single crochet rows to half-double crochet rows. Worked beautifully!  It looks straight until I take the picture - that's crochet for you!  I haven't blocked it yet.

Here's the start of block #2.  It's much easier!  Not a quadruple-treble in sight :D  But I still have to pull one row out.  Those top V's are supposed to be in a different place XD

I am also working on a toddler jacket for my nephew and a set of placemats for my Mum but I haven't taken pictures of those just yet.

No progress on the teal-striped afghan, and I'm still on a yarn hunt for the Lily Pond afghan!


  1. Beautiful work with your crochet! You have a lot of things going on. :)

  2. I have tried so hard to get more than one project at a time going and I have failed at it. Do you ever get mixed up on which project you are working on and accidentally mess up the pattern?

  3. Gorgeous afghans Tama. Your color choices are awesome. You must like blue.


    1. Green is my favorite; blue is my second favorite.

  4. So many crochet projects. Makes sense with all your cross stitch projects~ :D

    I love all the blues you're working with. Maybe you'll be swayed to the magical side of blue being the Master Color. ;)