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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Stashy Saturday

Today's stash is all Heaven and Earth Designs!

This is my layaway besides what I've already shown, and two smaller orders that I also bought when they were 50% off, AND a couple that were gifts.  Since there will be so many pictures, I'm not going to show the stitch previews like I usually do.  But I did check carefully - sometimes HAEDs are awesome, sometimes they are so patchy and strange looking that I wince.

Both of these are named 'Once Upon a Time'

By Aimee Stewart:

By Bob Byerley:

That one is so very beautiful but it is a monster when you look at the size! And it takes forty-five skeins of black!!! The pattern is ninety pages! Anyone up for a SAL?  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

QS Charming Misty:

Brontosaurus Civitus:

Golden Rose:

Turandot - this one was OOP and when I saw it re-released, I snatched it!  I've seen it worked up and it's unbelievable how perfect it looks!  Click on the name to go to it's product page and watch the video of the work in progress - amazing!!!

Anastasia - okay, I lied!  For this one, I have to show the stitch preview.  Have to.

Pattern Artwork:

Stitch Preview:

My eyes bugged out when I saw that one XD

Spirit of the Wild:

Maxine (had to get one Hannah Lynn in there!)

Daughters of Eve:

The Awakening of Psyche:


QS Peacock Allure:

The Sneaker:

Tea and Roses:

These last two are the only ones I bought at full price - Nene Thomas patterns were retired and there was one last chance to get them so I had to grab fast!

Dragon Witch Destiny:

Lord of Snows:

Unlike 'The Mage' and 'The Druid', which I bought a year or two ago and was really disappointed when their size was different, these two are the same size and will look awesome facing each other in ten thousand years when I get them done :D :D :D

Of course I want to start every one of these right now, but they haven't even reached the list of the next ones that I'm kitting up.  I really need to stop buying HAEDs.  I really do.  I should.

I'm not going to, but I really, really should.


  1. These are all so different! I love Anastasia, that stitch preview looks amazing. When you find the secret to eternal life please let us know so we can all stitch HAEDs forever!

  2. Nice choices, I really like the Once Upon a Time with the tall ships, but I would never finish it by the sound of things. :)

  3. Great stash! I personally love the first one as I have it on my own wishlist but those are all great!

  4. Wow you have a lot of kits/patterns to do! And I thought I had a stash. Mine looks like a little weekend project compared to yours!

  5. Your new HAED's are absolutely amazing Tama. I think you should have started stitching when you were 5. lol


  6. Awesome new stash! I adore Turandot- the link you provided was great

  7. So many beautiful charts =) I got Golden Rose when it was released and it' so beautiful =) I even thought about kitting it up (I have a leftover piece of fabric that would ne perfect in size). I really love Anastasia, the mock up just looks breathtaking =) And Awakening of Psyche has been in my stash for ages, as far as I remember, it's quite huge, too (at least it felt like that when I bought it).
    I hope you will start one of those beauties soon =) And I know what you mean about buying less charts... haha...

  8. Wonderful charts! There's no need asking you what you'll be doing for the rest of your life...and the afterlife...haha! Can't wait to see your starts:)

  9. Oh my, lots of complicated but awesome patterns!

  10. Holy Stash haul Batman! They are awesome. We have a few in common now so between the 2 of us we should get some stitching done on these. I really love Anastasia too it's stunning!
    xo Alicia

  11. You have chosen some beautiful HAEDs :). I have a few myself but only one in progress...