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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X is for Xander

X is for Alexander Lavelle Harris - always known as Xander!

Xander I like - maybe I have a weakness for sarcastic guys? LOL!  Here's his LINK, and it's long, too.  Xander is the one normal character, supposedly, on the show, though for a normal guy with no powers, he sure did attract the monsters!  Fandom (especially fanfic writers) loves that :D  

I like Xander bunches; he's in my top five characters.  Every TV show in the world, as the seasons get longer, seem to give their characters more and more angst and less and less happiness, so, like Willow, I like him better in the earlier seasons.  But I don't dislike later-season Xander as much as I do Willow.  He was still a pretty good guy, they just cranked his insecurities up to 11 and he made some bad choices.  But he, at least, tried to make up for them.

Xander is played by Nicholas Brendon, who has some very yummy shoulders.

And he's cute, too - that helps.  Even with the dorky clothes they stuck him on the show, up to and including the work uniforms.  Half the females on the show had a hidden crush on him at one time, but wouldn't admit it because they thought he was a 'dork' or a 'loser'.  Cordelia was one of them.  So was Willow.  So was Buffy. So was Dawn.  Drusilla liked him.  She called him 'Kitten'.  Spike, sarcastically, called him a 'Nummy Treat'.

Dorky shirt.  Nummy shoulders.

The eyepatch for Xander is 'cause he lost his left eye in the final season.  It was gouged out by a bad guy called Caleb, who wanted to take care of the fact that Xander, being normal, was the one who could 'see' what was going on all the time, not just with that particular bad guy.  Spike tackled Caleb, saving Xander from being hurt even worse.  Spike is my favorite!

Xander and Spike don't get along... uh, kinda?  Or so they insist.  And yet they hang out like buddies in more than one episode.  But only 'cause they have to.  Yeah, yeah, sure.

((They are secret buddies.  I'm sure of it.))

(((Especially if you ignore some of the later seasons.)))


  1. I've always had a thing for dorks myself. :)

  2. Reading your posts, I see a Buffy marathon in my near future.

  3. There sure was alot of cuties on this show.