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Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Cordelia

C is for Cordelia!

Cordelia is Cordelia Chase (here's a LINK)  

Cordelia was a Cheerleader-style antagonist for Buffy and her 'Scoobies', not really a bad-guy character, just a stuck up girl who made fun of them.  Eventually she was more on their side, once she found out what was really going on out there in the night.  She also started dating Xander, and I laughed so much at this quote:

"I'll date whoever the he** I wanna date, no matter how lame he is!"

Cordelia was played by Charisma Carpenter: 

She went on to play a much bigger part in 'Angel'; her story gets much longer and more involved.

The shoe!  Cordelia is very big on fashion and also, when she went back to school, I think after being injured, to try and re-establish herself as the Queen Bee, she was wearing a dark pink/cranberry outfit including cranberry high heels.  That was an important episode for her character, but I don't recall which episode it was.

She never had a lot of interaction with Spike that I remember, which is kinda sad because I think they would have played off of each other well, and you know, Spike is my favorite.  Cordelia's character often got on my nerves but that's what she was intended to do!

I'll be back tomorrow with several posts - Letter D, Stashy Saturday, and is it YOTA tomorrow?  I have to check!!!


  1. Love the info you give with each letter Tama.


  2. Didn't like her in Buffy but did in Angel lol:)

  3. So you are making these up as you go along for the different shows or is this a pattern/kit?

    1. It's a pattern that I bought on etsy.

  4. Great stitching! Was that the episode where she was trying to be "all that" because Xander and Willow were cheating on her and Oz?

  5. Interesting story on your characters;)