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Thursday, April 23, 2015

T is for Tara

T is for Tara!

Tara is Willow's girlfriend on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  She is very sweet and shy, and comes from an emotionally (at the least, possibly more) abusive background.  She is one of the few characters to die and actually stay dead on the show.  I liked Tara, but I didn't like the way it seemed like she was just an accessory for Willow.  I think her character could have been better developed.  Even her death seemed to be just to further Willow's story.  Anyway, you can read about Tara HERE.

Tara was played by Amber Benson:

The flower is a nice symbol for Tara; she seemed to have flowers around her a lot and used them in spells, although I don't particularly remember blue violets or pansies, which ever these little things are.  There's even a scene of the Scoobies putting flowers on her grave after she dies.

Tara didn't have much involvement with Spike that I remember, but she was nicer to him than most of the others, and Spike is my favorite (I got that in every other post, why give up now?) so that makes me pretty fond of Tara.


  1. Great stitching, Tama :-) I love the color of the flowers.

  2. The flowers are sooooo pretty. Great choice!

  3. Looking good Tama. Pretty flowers.