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Monday, April 6, 2015

E is for The First Evil

What a blog title... XD

E is for the First Evil:

A nice, simple block to bring the finish to the first row:

The 'First Evil' is a long, complicated storyline in Buffy; the Vampire Slayer (here's a Link)

It was played by a lot of different people, because it could take the form of anyone who had died (even if they had since come back to life.  Very few characters actually stayed dead on this show.)

When it was seen as 'itself', it looked like this:


The First Evil was pretty mean to Spike, in particular, tormenting him, possessing him (sorta), using his blood to open a Seal and raise an army of really strong, really ugly vampires.  It was defeated when Buffy shared her power with the Potential Slayers and made an army of Slayers - and also 'cause Spike wore an amulet that killed them and him.  Since Spike is my favorite, I was not happy at that point but then (spoiler alert, in case there's anyone who doesn't know)...

He came back to life on Angel; the Series.  So that was sorted.  And I switched to watching that show instead of just an episode every once in a while. :D


  1. The rest row looks great Tama.


  2. Well done on finishing the first row:)

  3. The A-E looks so great together!

  4. Nice to see the letters together, neat!