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Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for Dawn

D is for Dawn!

Dawn Summers is Buffy Summers little sister - sort of.  Here's her LINK!  

Dawn was originally not an actual person - she was a magical construct known as the Key (hence the chosen symbol in the pattern, and it is dark rosewood, not black like it looks!)  She was turned into a teenage girl to hide her from a 'god' called Glory (Glorificus) who needed her to unlock the gate between dimensions.  Buffy and her family were given false memories of her but eventually she decided that Dawn was her sister, no matter where she came from.

Dawn is played by Michelle Trachtenberg:

Spike and Dawn got along pretty good for a while, he gave her nicknames like Little Bit, Nibblet, and Bitty-Buffy.  Xander also gave her some nicknames and was very protective of her.  Eventually Spike's relationship with Dawn was ruined because of issues with Buffy.  I always wished the writers would fix that, because Spike is my favorite and the way he watched out for her was really cute!

Sorry the post is so late today, I had to work, go the grocery store, take my Mum thrifting (okay, didn't HAVE to do that last, just wanted to!) help my Dad fix a piece of furniture I bought which I'll show off later, and make my nephews Easter Cakes.

With Peeps!  Bunny Peeps!

Hmm - I see I have to go and push that blue bunny back into place.  Cute cakes, though!  (They are Carrot Cakes.  I do not even try to resist puns.)

I'll post for YOTA tomorrow - I didn't have time today!


  1. Those cakes look great! Happy Easter!

  2. Those cakes look yummy Tama. Another great letter and story.


  3. Great choice and stitching and wonderful cakes!

  4. The cake is so colorful, would feel guilty cutting it, haha

  5. The cakes look lovely! Dawn was the character I disliked the most. I don't know why but she made me cringe with all her whinging and getting in the way. LOL