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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F is for Faith

I'm almost late with this one - had unexpected company this evening.

In my Whedon-verse alphabet pattern, F is for Faith Lehane!

Sorry for the dark, fuzzy picture - it's almost midnight!

Faith is a Slayer - she's the Slayer who was 'activated' after Kendra, another Slayer, died - there's only supposed to be one Slayer, with a new one becoming 'active' when the last one dies.  Kendra became the Slayer when Buffy temporarily died - I think Xander gave her CPR and she came back to life - so there were two Slayers.  When Drusilla (a vampire) killed Kendra, Faith became the Slayer in her place.  

Faith was played by Eliza Dushku:

Here's a LINK to read more about Faith; she was called The Dark Slayer because she had some serious issues!  I didn't like her character, but she was very interesting!  She treated Xander very badly, and Xander is like my third favorite character (Spike is my favorite) so I got to have a bit of a grudge against a fictional character, which is always fun :D

The knife goes quite well with Faith; it was given to her by the bad-guy Mayor of Sunnydale when she was helping him.  Buffy later stabbed her with it and used it to lure the bad guy into a trap. It seemed quite effective in the show, but I wondered if it would be more than just awkward in real life?  I can't see it being useful when you need to slice up a watermelon...

I think I need to go to bed XP


  1. Looks great Tama. The actors playing these parts are sure nice looking.


    1. All these shows are full of eye-candy :D

  2. I do love that sparkly floss you are using for the letters.

  3. LOL I was laughing when I read this post. Especially the watermelons comment. :D
    Poor Faith
    xo Alicia

  4. No, probably wasn't designed for slicing up watermelons, just people. ;)