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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M is for Mal!

M  is for Malcolm Reynolds:

Also known as Mal, he is the captain of the Serenity on the show Firefly (and in the movie Serenity).  Here's his LINK, with the usual Whedon-verse angst filled back story!  I won't go into all the detail here - it would take tooooo long!

Mal is played by Nathan Fillion:

Back to the 'pretty', hehehe!  I like Mal, mostly.  I like Jayne better.  Can't help it XD

Mal is pretty but grumpy.  Spike is pretty but sarcastic.  Therefore, Spike is my favorite!  (Actually, there's a whole lot of other reasons why Spike is my favorite and letter 'S' is getting closer!  But I promise to keep that a short post.)

The symbol with Mal's name is the symbol on the side of his ship.  It's the ship's name, Serenity.  I think it's Chinese characters.  I think.

The marker certainly didn't last two days - the picture above is about six hours after I marked it.  I tried the eraser on most of Lorne's block; that did work pretty well.  So if you get this marker, use it on short term projects.  I'll have to find something else for marking long-term if I don't want to redo it every day.

Also, I have updated the 'L' post from yesterday with the finished block!


  1. I adore Nathan Fillion! You're right he can be grumpy but I think that's part of his charm.

    If you can get Clover products I highly recommend their water erasable marker. They stay bright and bold until you use the eraser or water to get rid of them. Great for long term projects.
    xo Alicia

  2. I've always been reluctant to use any kind of marking pen on Aida....I just wing things. I'm afraid it won't wash out. I'm even afraid to wash my finished piece in case the floss runs. Love both your L and M blocks!

  3. I broke down and watched Firefly on Amazon Prime a few weeks ago for the first time and I did actually really love it!

  4. I'm in love with Nathan Fillion on Castle. I think he is just adorable.


  5. Great job, Tama :-) I love all the info you give on the characters.

  6. I'm also on the lookout for a good marker! Stiching the grids is such a time-consuming business so I'd love to use a marker instead!

  7. Love love Nathan! His humor is something. Great choice;)