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Monday, April 27, 2015

W is for Willow

W is for Willow Rosenberg!

Here is Willow's LINK.  Willow was one of my favorite characters - at first.  I really liked her when she was a shy little nerd, like this:

And I thought it was neat when they started expanding her character and making her more confident and in control.  Then... well... I got annoyed.  It was storyline and character development that she got 'addicted' to magic, but I kept waiting for the other characters to kind of put their foot down like they did over the bad choices other characters made but it just never happened.  She used spells left, right and sideways for whatever she wanted, not caring how it affected anyone else.  She used memory spells on Tara to make her forget that she'd been using magic after she promised she wouldn't, and then put another on her after Tara found out and started to leave her over it.  And yet Tara was going right back to her when she died.

Then Willow 'went nuts', committed murder, and tried to end the world because she couldn't bring Tara back to life.  There's a popular quote from her about how she was a loser before Tara and a junkie after Tara, and the only good thing about her was when Tara looked at her and made her feel wonderful... it makes me cringe.  She wanted Tara back so she could feel wonderful? Nice...  And after all that, when Xander talks her out of ending the world and she comes back to herself - the consequences she had to face for murder, (and attempted murder) when even Buffy was going to turn herself in when she thought she had committed murder, was - she got a trip to England and to study how to 'control herself' with a coven of powerful witches.  Uh-huh... I just gave up there.

Plus, y'know, she was mean to Spike, and Spike is my favorite.

Willow is played by Alyson Hannigan:

And I really do like her in the first few seasons.  She's awesome then!

Only three letters to go!  And next up is a character I like better :D :D :D


That I forgot to say, the pencil is a good symbol for her - she used to be so very studious and worried about her grades and loved to research!


  1. All I do is get confused reading about everybody's characters. BUT, I enjoyed it. Thanks Tama.


  2. I've seen that actress before in other things....I'm going to have to look her up on IMDB. Thank you for adding the meaning of the pencil, as I was wondering about that.

  3. That and she used to practice magic by spinning the pencil.