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Monday, April 20, 2015

Q is for Quotable

Q is for 'Quotable'.

I guess there was no character from 'Buffy', 'Angel' or 'Firefly' that started with the letter Q.

But that's all right, because this book exists:

I really need to get this book, but I keep forgetting about it.  Sad, since it's really cheap on amazon (here's a LINK).

I agree that there are some awesome quotes on this show, but I'll go with one of my favorite Spike quotea, done in a cross stitch - the cross stitch is on my to-do list; you can buy the pattern on etsy HERE (It's not my shop.)  It's by plasticlittlecovers .

I'm getting very close to the Spike block!  Only 'R' between it and me :D  Spike is my favorite :D :D :D


  1. That quote is awesome. lol It sounds like something my stepdaughter would say.

  2. I have to guess that you are obsessed with Spike. lol


  3. Hee hee! I love that quote. Great stitching; I'm looking forward to seeing your favorite.