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Friday, April 17, 2015

O is for...

O is for 'Once More, With Feeling'

I really would have expected O to be for Oz (Danny Osborne, the werewolf) but, nope!

This is another episode title - and boy, was it a doozy!  The bad guy (nameless in the episode, but credited as 'Sweet') made people spontaneously start singing (and dancing), sometimes about whatever random thing they were doing, but mostly about their 'hidden truths'.  It really advanced some plotlines and was pretty good for character development.

This episode is extremely popular, but... I don't watch it very often.  The first time I laughed a lot (Spike is my favorite, but I never expected to see him singing his feelings to Buffy O__o and I just sat there, blinking and snickering) but repeated viewing, at least for me, goes past amusement and into annoying.  TOO MUCH SINGING! AUGH!

I do watch it every once in a blue moon, though.  I sometimes like musicals.  Sometimes.  It comes and goes XD

Anyway, this block brings me to the end of the third row!

The next two blocks are very simple, which is good because it's IHSW this weekend and I will need the time if I decide to participate.


  1. Wow what a great job you are doing and it's going to be a fabulous piece when it's all complete.

  2. I'm really enjoying watching you work on this. I've never watched Buffy but it's on my Netflix list... You're making me curious to start it soon!!

  3. wow, it's so nice seeing it all together, it's so pretty! you're totally acing this challenge!

  4. It looks great all together Tama.


  5. I'll let you into a little secret - the main reason it wasn't O for Oz is that I couldn't come up with a decent motif that looked how it was supposed to! Shhhhhh ;)