My Huge Work in Progress List!


Friday, April 10, 2015

The Turtle Trot

I've barely done anything for my Turtle Trot this month - we have ten projects and post about them on the tenth of each month, and you can sign up HERE

I've been really lazy this time around but I did do a little bit.  Let's see - I worked on The Great Light a little, got some colors done!

As it was:

As it is:

I am most of the way through the next color, too.  But I'll wait until it's done for a picture.

And I worked on Lovers during IHSW

As they were:

As they are:

I worked on Yarr, but I have no picture of the progress as it wasn't much.  The same can be said for Fred and Wufei (you can see these projects on my 2015 SAL page, at the top).  The others I didn't work on at all, except for Unspoken:

As he was:

As he is:

I mostly spent this month crocheting, and then the new project for the A-Z challenge during the last ten days.  I'll have to get some pics and post a crochet update!


  1. I've been so sick this past week that I got nothing done on my hummel cross stitch for a friend, and I want to get it done ASAP b/c I'm just not thrilled with the design and colours.

  2. Great progress! Great light has nice colors:)

  3. Nice progress on these projects Tama. What have you been crocheting?


    1. Mostly afghans, but a few little things. A toddler jacket and some placemats.

  4. Wow, that's a little progress?? It's amazing, Tama :-) Great job!

  5. I see more than just a little progress! Everything is looking great.

  6. They all look great! Lovers is really starting to fill in now. Great job!
    xo Alicia