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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Y is for Yolanda

Y is for Yolanda!

Y must have been a harder letter - I didn't recognize who it was at first.  Yolanda is a Firefly character; she was in a total of two episodes, and they weren't back to back.  Yolanda is also not her real name (probably).  Her name used in the websites is Saffron, but it's probable that isn't her real name, either.  I'm not going to say a lot about her as it would spoil the episodes, just that she is a con artist who usually pretends to be sweet and innocent and then seduces people so she can rob them.  She also used the name Bridget on the show, and I laughed when Mal referred to her as 'Yo-Saff-Bridge'. :D

Yolanda is played by Christinia Hendricks.

The lipstick kiss is her symbol not only because she seduced people, but also knocked Mal out by kissing him when her lipstick had a powerful drug in it.  (I've seen that used in several shows, and the writers never explain why the drugged lipstick doesn't knock the girl out, too.)

Got to work it in... hmm... probably, Yolanda and Spike would have gotten along.  I can't see her pulling the wool over his eyes, though.  Spike figured the other characters out pretty quick, usually.  Spike is very smart and even Angel admitted it.  He just gets bored and forgets his plans.  I think Spike has vampire ADHD.  Spike is my favorite!

Only one letter left to go!


  1. She looks familiar. Was she in Big Bang Theory too or am I thinking of someone else? Only one letter left! Your A-Z in cross stitch is going to be a great memento of the challenge.

  2. Almost there Tama. Looking good.