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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

B is for Baby

Since I showed some Works-in-Progress yesterday, I thought I'd show something finished or some stash today.  A search turned up... well, not much so far as 'B' goes until I came across some Babies!

Rooster Baby, by Ellen Maurer-Stroh:

 photo robab_zpsdd19df31.jpg

Stitched several years ago, and still not framed yet!  These patterns are fairly intricate, at least for their size.  Lots of color changes.  They used to be free, but they were taken down because of copyright infringement - mostly other sites claiming to be the designers.  There were no new ones for over a year, then they popped up for sale on .  You can still buy them there, and I have them all in my stash.  I got most as the freebies, and I think there were ten or so new ones that I ended up buying.  I have the Bunny baby in progress.  I used to say I wanted to stitch them all.  They were some of the first projects I found when I started looking at cross stitch on the net.

And 'Spotted Leopards' from the Endangered Young'ins books:

 photo leoba_zpsb52cc761.jpg

These books are out of print.  They are by Gloria and Pat and you can find them on eBay sometimes if you're really, really lucky.  Sometimes, you can even get them cheap!  I also wanted to stitch all of these babies, mostly for my younger sister who is a passionate animal lover.  Her tastes have changed, though, and she's more fond of realistic patterns instead of cute ones.  But I do have a little nephew due in May, so we'll see if these get some more love!  I have the Brown Bears in progress.


  1. Wow, both of those are really fancy looking! I have to admit, though, I prefer the leopards, for the remarkably technical reason that leopards are kitties, which, even in textiles, trumps roosters. Plus, the spots look like they'd be fun to stitch.

  2. I love both these pieces Tama. The leopards are my favorite. About 10 years ago a lady at work was stitching these Young'ins and I was lucky enough to find both books on ebay.


  3. Your cross stitching is beautiful. I love to cross stitch too. :)

  4. Always love EMS designs! And you leopards are adorable! :)

  5. Wonderful work! I love the sweet leopards. Visiting from A-Z

  6. The first cross-stitch is just adorable. I used to do a lot of needlework but have since moved away from it. Who knows, maybe I will pick up that craft again someday.

    Popped in from the AtoZ Challenge.

  7. I'm just catching up on your A-Z challenge now. Rooster Baby is so cute!