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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Intricate

Another hard letter to find something for, so I played fast and loose with the subject/content again!  I'm beginning to worry about letters like Q and X.  I had nothing like 'igloo' or 'ice cream', so I decided to find something intricate and came up with blackwork.

Recently, I've been very intrigued by blackwork patterns.  They're so amazingly intricate and symmetrical, at least the ones I've become enamored with seem to be.  I love how some of them even look like those moving-illusion pictures.

I did one blackwork pattern a long time ago.  It's called Tudor Rose Garden and it was a free pattern.

 photo black_zps47a38460.jpg

I couldn't find anything else I really liked at the time so I didn't do any more blackwork, but I recently found some patterns on eBay that I've been drooling over.  These three are my favorite (I don't own them yet)


 photo concord_zpse8b1e634.jpg


 photo evo_zps1c990ebb.jpg

Simple Squares (simple! ha!)

 photo simp_zps1ce977d3.jpg

I'm not buying them yet, I'm waiting until I have a few more finishes because I know I will want to start one as soon as I get them.

Tomorrow's post will be mostly stash - and I have a lot of pictures! : D


  1. It looks it? I have a bookmark kit for white thread on black Aida and I have had nothing but trouble with it. I've started it and quit so many times and it's just a bookmark!!!

  2. What pretty designs Tama. Not sure that I would want to tackle one.


  3. Wow those are all beautiful!

  4. Simple squares is my favorite. Have never done blackwork myself.

  5. A few years ago I went nuts buying these exact same blackworks (along with dozens more)! I have yet to even touch them...I'm scared to death of the process for some stupid reason! Can't wait to see if you a) get them; and b) do them!

  6. I love Blackwork even though I've only gone a few. Check out Blackwork Journey. She has some great patterns there, purchase and free. Happy Stitching!! :)