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Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Quilts

I'm staying in the box for sure this time!  Heck, I think I even put the top on and taped it shut.  Q is for Quilts - how unimaginative!!! LOL!!!

I started to go with one of the suggestions - Linda said HAED 'Quick Stitches' aka QS, but I would have drowned you guys in pictures - I have a ridiculous number of those.  And none started except the ones for the SALs.  And there was a suggestion of 'Queen' and hmm... I think I have all or almost all of Mirabilia's different Queen patterns, but none started.  I do have Winter Queen kitted up, but I digress.

Anyway. I thought, hey, quilts!  I have those books!  The lady that I talked about in letter N post gave me these after she finished stitching every single one of them!!!   There are 12 patterns in each book, and each pattern is fairly large and complicated.  That lady was a stitching wizard!

 photo il_fullxfull304812214_zpsd12e0ef3.jpg

 photo il_570xN373277869_ise8_zpsa9121c4e.jpg

I only started the first one from the Bible quilts - it's the one in the lower left 'Garden of Eden'.  I haven't even reached the quilt - this was started early in my stitching career and I got intimidated, I guess.  I really should get the pattern out and see if it looks any easier now.

 photo garden2_zpseec3ca1b.jpg

And this was yet another of those CJC starts - Amish Quilted Wallhanging.  I'm not doing a wallhanging with it, though.  Maybe a cushion.  The colors are really bright and pretty, much better than the magazine pic - but I only did about 100 stitches of the very large 934 border.  I didn't even reach the fun part!

 photo 4f8b116ca061a_83536n_zpsefd93a9a.jpg

It's from an issue of Just Cross Stitch, I think.

 photo amish1.png

Now... what shall R be?  Hmm...


  1. I made a quilt design cross stitch for one of my friends. It was really pretty, in pinks and greens. I had a heck of a time trying to attach it to the hangar it came with.

  2. These are lovely - and I'm glad you managed to find something for Q! Another chart you should look out for is Lavender and Lace's The Quiltmaker - it's a lovely little pattern :)

  3. More great projects Tama. Do you plan on stitching all the patterns in those books.


  4. I'm loving your alphabet postings! I LOVE Paula Vaughn! I have the Quilts for all seasons, and even did the November one for my mom a few years back, but I didn't know about the Quilts of the Bible! Uh oh! I see something that I must get...soon!! You are a wonderful enabler! Thanks!

  5. Dropping by on the A to Z. It was an expensive stop. Bid on the Bible Quilt book on ebay. They are gorgeous and although I have many of the leisure arts books, I didn't have that one. I've just picked up cross stitch again.