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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Umbrella

A short post, to make up for yesterday!

I have one (1) yes, one! umbrella pattern!

'Umbrella Sky' by Marta Dahlig, from Heaven and Earth Designs, aka HAED.

 photo UmbrellaSky_zpsbb9eab5d.jpg

She's worth a post to herself, though - she's lovely.  And weird.  Which makes her, in my opinion, pretty much perfect.  I'm particularly fond of the goldfish.

She's printed, kitted, and ready to start!

 photo um_zpsa31b7b16.jpg

Y'know, someday...

PS - HAEDs are still on sale, until the 27th, at 45% off!  That makes QS patterns only like... $4.95, I think.  There will be more Hannah Lynn patterns in my stash soon!


  1. Nice pattern. I have been able to add just one new Hannah Lynn to my stash. Must resist through the rest of the sale lol.

  2. Another great chart Tama.


  3. I do love this chart, it is so pretty. HAED sales are so dangerous. I'm not sure will be able to resist a purchase.

  4. Oh man lookit all that floss!!!

  5. I love this chart too. It is so charming and the gold fish just are the bomb.
    The floss pic was great! Doesn't it just make you feel happy to having something all kitted up and ready to go?

  6. LOL don't we all have "someday" projects?