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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Horse

I adore horses.  I never outgrew it like some little girls.  Possibly because we had horses when I was young, and I was utterly fascinated by them.  I'll try to find some pictures next time I notice my Mum's albums out!

Two WIPs at the moment - I'm not going to count the Carousel Horse kit.  It's not a 'real' horse :D

Dimensions 'The Wave'.  Restarted about three times and this is where I ended up, really frustrated because I was a relatively new stitcher and my teacher had not explained half cross stitch.  I did a few needle-fulls a little while ago and don't know what the problem was, lol!
 photo wave1_zpsb5e13852.jpg

As it shall someday be:
 photo 35026thewavehorses_zps7e7b927d.jpg

And beautiful 'Spartacus', who I bought as a CG pattern on eBay, and the seller doesn't exist any more, so I don't know how to tell anyone to buy him, sorry!

As he shall be:
 photo Spartacus_zpsa2fb88dc.jpg

As he is:
 photo Spartacus_zps3a3c5a0b.jpg

Some kits; 'Sweethearts' a Forever Wild kit, and 'Spirit of the Horse':
 photo horsekit_zps464966ff.jpg

And a HAED pattern from a layaway that I don't think I've shown yet - Laurie Prindle's 'The Black':
 photo black_zpsc7b61988.jpg

It looks quite grainy, but the pattern picture and the stitching preview are not like that.  He will be so gorgeous someday, and uses very few colors compared to most HAEDs, especially since he's not really meant to be a black and white picture.


  1. Nice stitching starts! I'll check in to see the progress.

  2. They are fave thing to stitch as well and you have some beautiful charts:)

  3. Love the Wave. That's neat!

  4. Great stitching! I completed the spirit of the horse a few years back for my best friend. It was so fun to stitch :)

  5. I love all of your horse designs.


  6. All these horse designs are gorgeous. "The Wave" is beautiful. Maybe I'll start one some day.