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Friday, April 5, 2013

D is for Drinking!

I almost went with D is for Dolphin, because I have only one kit and one finish and one WIP - but, I'm trying to think outside the box with these, so despite the fact that I once more have waaaaay too many things to show, Drinking it is!

By which I mean Coffee and Tea, because I don't actually drink alcohol XD

First up - stash?  Yes, stash!

I love this sampler from Cross Country Stitching magazine.  I have the fabric, but I haven't bought the floss yet.  Still counts as stash to me, lol!

 photo csamp_zps63ab19b9.jpg

Then I have these - a full kit called Coffee Break, a pattern-and-thread-leftovers kit that was given to me called Tea Dictionary, and a full kit called Coffee and Tea.  My sibling and I have a someday-dream of having a little coffee, tea and sweet things shop, and we are both slowly collecting a few things for it.  It keeps the dream alive.  And of course, I collect mostly stitching stuff!  and some pretty teapots.

 photo cofteakit_zpsa1a9fb54.jpg

Finally, two WIPs!  This first is Janlynn's Smell the Coffee - started long enough ago that I should really call it a UFO, but I refuse.  It's totally a WIP.  Just a really, really neglected one!

 photo wake_zps347c89cc.jpg

And Dimension's A Whole Lotta Latte, which was my birthday start about a week and a half ago.  I only worked on it for a little bit, but a start is a start is a start!

 photo latte1_zpsc8091c42.jpg

Tomorrow is letter E!  It was a tough one, but I chose something at last!

Oh, if anyone happens to be interested in specialty tea and coffee blends, my sibling sells ours here.


  1. Oh my Tama. More great kits. Love them all. I think you should also show the dolphins.


  2. Kits are my weakness.....I really have to get stitching. I won't buy any more till I do these!

  3. The kits and WIPs, as always, are nice, but I had no idea you and your family made your own coffee and tea! That's so cool! They sound really good, too.

  4. I'm not a kit fan, and I don't embroider, but if I did I'd love these. They will be uber-cute when you get them stitched. :)And you make your own tea? Multi-talented. Visiting from A to Z and will be back.

  5. Those would all look great stitched up and hung in your coffe and sweets shop!

  6. Pretty projects! Thats a whole lotta coffee to drink!

  7. What issue of CCS is that in? I would love to hunt down that issue and have that sampler. My kitchen is all coffee theme and I love to add stuff to it. You just showed me new things for the wish list!!

  8. Wake Up & Smell the Coffee is so cute! Can't wait to see more progress on this some day. Great choice for "D".