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Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Kittens

Okay, so this post is not as imaginative as some of the others - K was a little hard to think 'outside the box' for!

I won't show you Frederick again, since he was just featured in letter F.  I also have the kits for Maggie the Messmaker and Too Pooped to Participate, by Wysocki.  I really, really wish they would make kits for Ethel the Gourmet and Mabel the Stowaway!  I don't own Max in the Adirondacks yet, or All Burned Out. Max I keep forgetting about, and All Burned Out is Needlepoint, which I don't know how to do - yet!  There are two other Wysocki cats pictures that I have seen but don't know the names of - two pretty cats in an herbalist shop and one asleep on a box of seeds.

Here are some kits I do have of lovely kitties, though:
 photo katkit_zpsf385b071.jpg

Leonardo, Warm and Fuzzy Kitten, and Captivating Felines

And a small finish:
 photo ccatfin.jpg

There are a few other small cat finishes in my collection, but this is the most recent!

I have several Kitten patterns from WitchyKitt (formerly Witch-Stitch-n-Bits), but I'll just show the picture for the one I have in progress - Snowing:
 photo snowprog_zps6fd95c0b.jpg

Which is going very slowly as I'm trying to learn parking with this one, and I don't stick to it long enough to gain any kind of speed!  The red square is what I had done a little while ago.  I'm past the bottom of the snow-circle now.  WitchyKitt, by the way, is having a sale!  20% off their already cheap patterns!

Lastly, I'll show this kit, that I bought at JoAnn's on that last trip :D
 photo funky_zpsd4000117.jpg

Funky Cat!  Who can resist a shiny cat in a crazy sweater?  Not me, obviously!


  1. You have so many kits! I really need to quit being on line so much and get back to stitchin.

  2. lol I agree with JoJo I need to stitch more too!! I;m happy to see all your cat designs though. I've also heard a while back that a person can use a needlepoint design with cross stitch.. I haven;t done it, but it is possible i guess! :)

  3. More great kits Tama. I love seeing all your stash.


  4. I have the Home is Where the Cat Is kit in my stash, too. I bought a lot of charts from Witch-Stitch-n-Bits before she closed. Thanks for the reminder to look through my PDF charts! I like your idea of the red square showing your progress on Snowing. You could use that for all your HAEDs too!