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Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for Rose

Know what my favorite, favorite, most favorite of all flowers are?  Daffodils!   But that wouldn't work for today!

Nostlagy has rose tattoos:

 photo QSNostalgy.jpg

I haven't reached them yet, though.  I don't think I have the pattern pages with the roses on them, either.  She's my HAED BB SAL project, and you get one page of the pattern every few months.  I'll be showing an updated WIP pic in May, so I'm not going to put one here.

I have a Dark Rose from Witch-Stitch-n-Bits:

 photo 1218.jpg

I don't know if WitchyKitt has this one yet or not.

And a dark girl with a rose - this is Lost, also from WitchyKitt:

 photo lost_zpsff3fe3f9.jpg

I have Stone Roses kitted and ready to go:

 photo MD17_zps6a0761b2.jpg

I started Rose of Sharon, but she's on hold while I try to be artistic with the blue ruffles - I'm changing a lot of things on her. It's a long process for me.

 photo RoseofSharon.jpg

And there's a HAED you have seen before, Butterfly Rose Cross:

 photo butter.jpg

When I started thinking of letter R, I really couldn't remember a lot of Roses; I'm surprised to find them scattered all through my stitching.

There are roses on my second-oldest WIP of a carousel pony:

 photo chorse3.jpg

And roses on the little Daily Bread sampler that was my oldest WIP until I finally got around to finishing it - last year?  Year before?

 photo breaddone_zps1d370814.jpg

Roses on my lovely Ruby Glass picture:

 photo RubyGlass.jpg

Lo, How a Rose that was a CJC start (a really sad one!)

 photo LoHowaRose.jpg

Roses on a wedding sampler:

 photo TwoShallBeOne.jpg

And there's roses on some things I've already shown, like Lost in You, and the blackwork Tudor Rose Garden, and Angel of Grace has tiny roses all around the bottom of her skirt.  Big roses are in the corners of The Lord's Prayer, and small ones in the corners of the Anniversary gift.  There are even more, little ones scattered all over, in finishes and stash and WIPs.  This whole post was like a treasure hunt!

Daffodils are still totally my favorites, though.


  1. I love the goth'ish girl with the flower. That would be perfect for a friend of mine!

  2. Wow Tama again. You have some beautiful pieces started and some great charts.