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Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for Pink

Pink is not my favorite color.  I liked it when I was little, but green is my favorite.  Always and forever.  Blue is a close second.

I still like pink on occasion, though - the brighter, the better!  Here's a few projects with some pink in them.  They are all WIPs.  I don't think I've finished anything major with pink.  I did stitch Mulberry House on pink fabric, but I'm not going to count that one!


 photo 68669500.jpg

I only want to do three in a row, and this was the start of the pink one.  It was a CJC start, and it's a shame I didn't keep going with it.  This would be such a quick finish!  It was a free chart, I think from Hazel's Farm.

 photo bun1.jpg

Emy - she is also from Hazel's Farm.  It was more the Siamese than the pink that made me want to stitch her.  She was also a CJC start.  That challenge was horrible for my WIP pile, especially since I didn't learn my lesson the first year and did it again last year.  Lol!

 photo pinkdoll.jpg

She says 'by Circe' because that's the model stitcher.

 photo emy1.jpg

Bunny Baby

 photo BunnyBaby.jpg

My EMS project, same designer as the Rooster Baby.

Snow Baby Girl, also by EMS.  The boy has blue clothes.

 photo SnowBaby.jpg

And some stash!  Pretty Pink Kimono by Witch-Stitch-n-Bits.  I don't know if you can buy this one at WitchyKitt or not.

 photo 583.jpg

And of course Gluttony by HAED!  One of Marta Dahlig's Seven Deadly Sins.

 photo gluttony.jpg

I really have no idea what tomorrow's topic will be!


  1. More great WIP's and charts. I have a 'Q' for you. How about your QS HAED's.


  2. Bunnies so cute!!!! Love them.

  3. These are great! Q could also be "queens", or "quirky". I look forward to seeing what you pick, in the end :D

  4. I love the bunnies. They have a chibi look to them. I used to love doing counted cross stitch. I should get back into that.

    Hi from Nagzilla bloghopping A to Z

  5. Love your bunnies!! All your stitching is coming along nicely! :)

  6. As a kid I was quite the tomboy and couldn't stand pink! But as an adult I've learned to embrace it, heck I look pretty good in pink!