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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for Native American

I robbed the internet for pics this evening - I am so very late getting home!

I learned to cross-stitch in High School Home Ec class my Senior year. (I only really had three years, Junior and Sophomore got squished together).  In the Junior/Soph year, I learned to latch hook and I was passionate about it for a full fifteen minutes, or however long two small projects and one big one that's still only 1/3 done equals to.  It was better than Freshman year, when they taught us to string beads in 'pretty patterns'.  Yeesh.

Anyway, I had fun with cross stitching for a little while, but the teacher never told us anything about resources and I only found a few kits at a local discount store.  I didn't even know you could buy fabric, floss and patterns all on their own.  I thought kits was it.

Fast forward a couple years to my first job, at a small business where one of the men was more than welcome to bring his wife, who had a few separation anxiety issues, and she would sit in the lobby all day and she was cross-stitching.  Constantly.  I was mesmerized, because she was doing things like huge Paula Vaughan's, Dimensions Gold Collections, and those old really big, really intricate patterns that Cross Stitch and Country Crafts used to do in their heyday.  She was a one-at-a-time stitcher, but it was all she did, eight hours a day, sometimes, so she would have those big projects done in no time.

Needless to say, she's the one who got me started stitching again, and explained DMC codes and all that fun stuff and where to buy it.

She was also part Cherokee, like my family, and she gave me several of the patterns left over from kits, more than just Native American, but wolves and random other things.  I loved that lady!  I wish I had kept in touch.  I'll be showing some more of the other stuff in later posts.

Anyway - these are some of the NA ones she gave me, except the Brave and Maiden.  I got their pattern from a different lady.

Gold Collection 'Gift of the Eagle Feather'  I kitted it up and it's ready to start.

 photo 3897_NativeAmericanGiftoftheEagleFeather_zps6a95ebf0.jpg

These I don't remember their names, I will have to get them out and see!
 photo KGrHqRHJEsE-lTeG8OBPy9zYDQ60_35_zps2b80dae1.jpg photo 47bb54b98b1c8_11405n_zps4232c8a6.jpg

This is a kit I bought myself - this girl looks eerily like my mother when she was young.  This one is called Spirit of the Cougar,
 photo 11041419259be827e214dabff2_zpsc3a1520a.jpg
 photo 59a6c145-507c-4c40-8fbf-92194c6933c8_zps001b6429.jpg
and I am further than this but I don't have a recent picture.  I think I am down to her shoulder with the border.

And this is the Brave and Maiden kit that I hunted and searched and was obsessive over and a lady finally sent me her used pattern.  And I still have never seen the actual kit anywhere.  Of course, I haven't looked like I used to!  She has a face and some blanket, he only has a bit of hair so I'm not hunting for his picture!

 photo 052913jtngtnx4bbnoxjrx_zps8c112b8b.jpg
 photo maiden1-1.jpg

And that is that.  I thought I had one more, but a google search shows me nothing and I'm too tired to go digging for the pattern!


  1. When you have a kit with lots of colour changes, do you keep a few needles threaded with the different colours? I quit working on a complex cross stitch of Mt. Rainier because I spent more time threading needles for 2-3 stitches. I found that if I try to track down more of the colour in that section, I make bad counting mistakes.

  2. What a neat story Tama. I love all your kits and progress pics. My husband actually started Spirit of the Cougar and Gift of the Eagle Feather years ago.


  3. How wonderful that you met that super-stitcher and she shared wtih you! Spirit of the Cougar and Indian Maiden are gorgeous!