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Saturday, April 6, 2013

E is for Erestor (and YOTA! Totally for YOTA, too!)

I really had to think about this one!  I couldn't find anything at first, and I started to go with E is for Eagle, and show one finish - but then the Turtle Trot list came through for me again!

In the Lord of the Rings books - not the movies, sadly - there is a very small part about an elf called Erestor.

You should read it - Erestor is the Chief Adviser to Elrond, and if you can sort out some of the old-style speech, he is snarky and awesome!

He's not really in the movie, they just called one of the background elves Erestor.  This is a pic you'll get if you search for movie-Erestor (sadly small, but all there is!):

 photo erestor_zps1f8c6d36.jpg

And this is a pattern I made - with the artist's permission! - of a drawing of Erestor.  I made it in PCStitch, and this is the exported pic.  I started him on that same Crazy January Challenge that I completely failed at.

 photo ErestorDraw_zps4455ff8b.jpg

This was the tiny start I made:

 photo ere1_zps907dbe69.jpg

He won't be like this for long, though - Fred has about a quarter of his finish-up bits done, and as soon as he has all of them, Erestor is taking Frederick's place in my main rotation.  He's actually going to be a pretty easy stitch - lots of blank white space and only about six or seven shades of grey.

Also, today is YOTA!  My YOTA project is Wufei, and this is his before pic:

 photo wufei9o_zps64ecca30.jpg

And his after pic:

 photo wy1_zps60de379f.jpg

The reason I am so late posting today is because after I worked a partial day (five hours) I went to JoAnn's!
If you're a new follower (and hi! by the way) a trip to JoAnn's is a very big deal because it's almost a two hour drive.  I'm very tired.  But happy!  I kitted up two HAEDs and added a few kits to my collection, including one to go with yesterday's post:

 photo teatime_zps12617098.jpg

I'll show more stash later!  Have a nice night!


  1. Great progress! And new stash!!! Driving 2 hours to go to Joanns? Yes, I think we can assess you're a stitching addcit!!! I love the new piece you got!

  2. Love the new chart Tama. Thats about how long it would take me to go to Joann's or Michael's. Thats why I don't go. Wufei is such a pretty design. The colors just pop on the fabric. You made some nice progress. Erestor is going to be really nice. (The guy playing the part ain't bad either)lol


  3. Oh, the pattern you made is beautiful! Can't wait to see more progress on it!

  4. Great YOTA progress, well done! :)

  5. Lovely new start. Great progress for YOTA.

  6. You make your own patterns? That's so cool!

  7. Wow, that is so cool that you make your own patterns! Very impressed.

    Stopping by for A to Z! Here's mine: A Girl and her Diary

  8. Oh, what a shame that Joann's is so far away! But I'm sure you make your trips worth the drive! Your Erestor chart looks great and I'm sure it will be a quick stitch for you. Wufei looks awesome too!