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Sunday, April 14, 2013

L is for Love

Another day, another letter!  This one took me a while - originality isn't easy with these and I didn't quite make it again.  Eh, but this one was fun, just because of one little kit!

First though, here is two people in love - the first HAED I ever bought, and either the first or second I started (I will have to check) - Lost in You

 photo lost.jpg

I only got a bit of the corner done, because I started the HAED StoryKeep version of Mermaid of the Deep and focused on that - this one got left by the wayside.  I did finish the Mermaid, though!

 photo lost1-1.jpg

And then there is QS Lovers - last year's HAED SAL project and now the project I work on during the IHSW stitchalong (this weekend! yay!)

 photo QSlovers.jpg

Last month I got them to this point:

 photo lovMar_zpsb5a6d6b3.jpg

And I'll leave you guys with the kit - I found this at a yard sale and I had to buy it, because I immediately started singing the Beatles 'All You Need is Love' and I still do, every time I see it!

 photo luv_zps42df2391.jpg

Have a nice night - hope Monday is nice to you all!!!


  1. Oh, those images are so pretty!

  2. I love the HAED's Tama. Great new kit.


  3. I remember when you started Lost in You. Great Love charts for the L-day!