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Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for Jewel

This post is really late - I came home from work, crashed, and took a three hour nap!  I'll never be able to get to sleep tonight!!!  Also it's really dark so the flash burnt my pics out a little bit.

One of the first gifts someone in my family gave me when I started stitching was a Gold Collection kit called 'Jewels of the Orient'.  I didn't start it immediately, shockingly enough, for two reasons.  First, I was pretty sure it was going to be hmm, high impact? and I loved it and wanted more experience so I wouldn't screw it up.

And secondly, they bought it from someone on eBay, and it had been opened - and the pattern was gone!  Kind of hard to stitch something that way!  I finally emailed Dimensions with a question as to whether I could buy a replacement pattern, explaining why, and they sent me it for free!  I love Dimensions : D

Anyway, I still haven't started the kit, but my family decided that since I loved that one so much, well - there were more!  And the next year for Christmas I got two more Gold Collection kits.  These are the lovely three:

 photo bigos_zps4616d4dc.jpg

Jewels of the Orient, The Mighty Samurai, and Elegance of the Orient.  I did start the Samurai - can't resist a handsome fellow, lol! - but he's only got around one hand done and a bit of pink belt.  This is a really bad picture taken a while back:

 photo samurai1_zpsa4fdd68b.jpg

The thing was, that my family calls all these kits 'those Jewel kits', and ask when they'll be stitched.  So I refer to any Oriental-style project or kit as a Jewel now.  Hence the post title!  The reason my family wonders when these will be done is that my bedroom is done in Oriental art, and I wanted these for that reason.  If I ever get my pictures up - they require some work support-wise because they're heavy - I'll take some photos and show off : D

I eventually bought these miniature kits to go with the big ones, after seeing them on other blogs:

 photo smallos_zps0349fbcf.jpg

Mai, Samurai, and Elegant Geisha.

I also have these two - the first one was a gift, and the second I bought a few days ago at JoAnn's:

 photo bigos2_zps03e18b89.jpg

Three Geishas, and East Meets West.  That last one will be huge - 16x20!

And then there is HAED - my eternal weakness!  One of the first two patterns I ever bought was Stephanie Pui-Mun Law's 'Poet'

 photo poet_zpsf6cbff55.jpg

Then Marta Dahlig's 'His Only Friend' came later:
 photo buddy_zps4db2f611.jpg

And recently I got Asian Fantasy 3 by Gracjana Zielinska:
 photo a3.jpg

All three of those are fully kitted and ready to start.

And lastly, there's these pretty Pinn Stitch patterns:

 photo 04-1684_zps14a924f0.jpg photo 03-2912_zps91174608.jpg

Chinese Blessing Fishes and Fish of Fortune.  These are not kitted up yet.

So I guess what this post should tell you is that I am insane, that my family is fond of me, and that I have enough stash to last me several hundred years!

PS - here's a wee freebie pattern I did a few years ago - Kimiko from the International Bears that Vermillion Stitchery made.  You can buy the bears in book format now, with a bear of the opposite gender to match each one.

 photo kimiko_zps89590f2a.jpg


  1. You have the most awesome stash:)

  2. I love to cross stitch! It's so relaxing. I love the Gold Collection.
    A to Z buddy
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  3. Wow! On your first pic, I used to have the lady on the right!!! I just loved it & started it.... And then, I just struggled so much & by pure frustration, threw the entire thing against the wall (it was rolled on a stand at the time!) :( Oh dear, it ended up in the bin for me sadly. I really hope you enjoy stitching these beauties. Have fun x

  4. I love your posts, and thank you for putting up a link to a place that teaches you to cross stitch. Love it.

  5. Have you been to the 1-2-3 Stitch website? I am addicted to the Mill Hill beaded cross stitch kits.

  6. I too love Oriental pictures and have many of the same ones you just showed! You have a great collection and I'll be looking forward to when you decide to work on them :-)

  7. Oh my Tama. More great kits and charts. I'm beginning to think that your stash is almost as big as mine.
    When are you going to get the cut thru kit. I would love for you to join us.


  8. Lovely Asian kits TAma! I've stitched Mai from the Gold Petites and have her framed. Love the HAED one called Poet. That's pretty massive! It was great reading through your A-Z challenge. You have lots of great charts to stitch!

  9. Wow, that's a lot of different patterns and they're all so beautiful. It looks like you've got a lot of work ahead of you.

    Have fun with a-z. :)

  10. Kimiko is so cute! You really have a lot of "Jewel" charts and kits. Your bedroom walls will be covered some day!