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Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Mother

More specifically, today M is for the things I've stitched for my Mum! and a bit for my Da :D  Can't leave him out, can I?

The Lord's Prayer, which was a Christmas prezzie for my Mum and Da together, and an Anniversary picture for them.  The Anniversary one had a lot of color changes to match their hair color and the color of the suit in my Da's graduation picture, and my Mum's favorite color for her dress.  It was the second or third thing I finished when I started stitching, and the Lord's Prayer was the first big project I finished.

 photo lpani_zpsb8227c8f.jpg

Mother's Bliss - all the pictures were professionally framed except this one.  I did this one myself, after I found a cheap print in a pretty frame with mats that went very well with the picture.  You can see a yellow spot on it where one of my co-workers handled it with greasy fingers and I couldn't get the stain out but my Mum declares she doesn't mind!  Also the framed got chipped when they moved, so eventually I think it will have to be reframed.  Maybe my framer can cover that spot!

 photo mbfr_zpsd5e55dc2.jpg

Mom and Dad by Bent Creek.  Don't you love my Mum's retro wallpaper?  It was already in the house, from the 70's but it looks brand new!

 photo md_zpsbc7d35e6.jpg

And these are My Mother, My Friend (I don't remember if this is Bent Creek or Lizzie*Kate) and the SchoolHouse Sampler from a Just Cross Stitch issue.  My Mum is a retired teacher.

 photo myscl_zps2f8a771c.jpg

Lastly, this is Going to Market, for her African-themed room.  She and my Da went on a mission trip to Africa a few years ago, and my Mum fell completely in love with the people there.

 photo 88d5b54d-8da3-4b5c-ace6-90b84e482701_zps51a6ad37.jpg

There are a few more things she has that are not framed yet, and I didn't take a picture of the other two my Da has.  His will have to wait their turn, lol!

Here are the two WIP's that are for my Mum:

Gloria and Pat's Voice of Spring

 photo spring4.jpg

and the Victorian house that we're uncertain what to do with at the moment, since she has decided to change out her Victorian room for something else.

 photo brink4.jpg


  1. Those are great! At least your mom displays the stuff you make. Mine doesn't. They sit in drawers and closets, including a Cape Cod cross stitch I made years ago. I am getting real close to asking for it back because it deserves to be displayed.

  2. Very lovely pieces! Your stitching is coming along nicely!! :)

  3. You have done some lovely pieces for your parents Tama. I have no one to stitch for except me.


  4. Really gorgeous work (as per usual)! You like your mum a hole heck of a lot better than I like mine!

  5. Wow you've stitched a lot of wonderful pieces for your Mom!

  6. Wow! Those are really cool. It reminded me of my Mom. She loved to do that stuff. Thanks for sharing!
    Shawn at Laughing at Life 2

  7. It's so nice that your mum loves your stitching so much.

  8. The anniversary picture is so cute! Mother's Bliss fit perfectly in the oval mat. What a shame about that fingerprint!