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Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Wolves

Hoo boy - here we go again!

'In Harmony'
 photo wolf1_zps84bd24cc.jpg

'Wild Call in Winter'
 photo wolf2_zps33c668b9.jpg

'Wolf Kiss'
 photo wolf3_zps74ac963d.jpg

'Soul Music' - this is one of the pattern-only kit 'leftovers' I bought on eBay.
 photo 18002100_Soul_Music_zpse29b6cf3.jpg

'Circle of Wolves'
 photo wolf4_zps3c2ad88d.jpg

and this one.  'Wintry Wolf'.  Um.  I was in Hobby Lobby, which is even further away than JoAnn's (about 3 1/2 hours) and I had just gathered a huge amount of floss for HAEDs and was on my way out when I remembered I had a 40% off one item coupon and ducked into the kit aisle (oh, a store with a whole kit aisle!!! how I do love Hobby Lobby!) and I saw this.
 photo wolf5_zps9f02e2a3.jpg

'Oooo', says I, 'never have I seen this kit before!'
'C'mon,' says my Mum, who was with me (naturally, since my Mum doesn't talk to me telepathically.  at least not yet) 'I want to go eat.'
'Fine, says I, and grab the kit, pay and leave.
And when I get home, only then do I behold the horror - three little words on the right side of the kit.
I do not do stamped!  I do counted!  I wail!  My mother finds this absolute hilarious and has no sympathy at all!
I decide (eventually) that no, it is not worth a 3 1/2 hour trip to take it back and get something else, and you know what?  I really like this picture.  Really.  I don't care if it is (shudder) stamped.  I'm stitchin' this beast.

Now I leave you with my last, the only WIP - 'White Wolves'.  Behold my massive progress!

 photo WhiteWolves.jpg

Not quite as many Wolves as Tigers.  I always did like kitties best, I guess :D

Tomorrow is X!  I refuse to do 'X is for X-Stitch', and I have no Xylophone patterns, so I will be grasping at straws : D


  1. I struggled w/ X too. When you see mine, you'll realize I too grasped at a straw! lol Love the wolf patterns. My bff sent me a fabulous Native American wolf design that came with a metal feather charm. It came out great.

  2. More great kits Tama. I can tell you really like Dimensions kits. I have hundreds of them.


  3. I love wolf kits, and these are no exception :D Maybe do Xmas for X?