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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Ocean

And I thought I didn't have too many things for this one, but I was wrong!

I stitched this one, called Dolphin Play:

 photo dolphins.jpg

And I own the bigger version, too, unstarted (yet).  It's called Dolphin's Domain.

 photo K3830_zps0013da09.jpg

These are my other two dolphin projects - Moonlit Play:

 photo MoonlitPlay.jpg

And this book, of which I have the biggest dolphin picture kitted up:

 photo il_fullxfull199011033_zps90e67722.jpg

And I want to do one or two more.  Orcas!  I like orcas!  That one dolphin picture was a bit difficult to kit, because it called for a weird fabric I had never heard of.  I finally found it from a now out-of-business mail order company.  I'm glad I hunted, though, because I've never seen another soft green-blue that matches.  I'll pull it out and show it someday.

I stitched the SK version of HAED's 'Mermaid of the Deep' - only I stitched her on 18ct instead of 25ct so she is much bigger than a bookmark!

 photo mermaid-2.jpg

I also have this pretty kit started:

 photo ShoreSampler.jpg

And here's a stitched lighthouse:

 photo lhousfrm_zpse6d8e30c.jpg

One in progress, sort of:

 photo AmericanaLighthouse.jpg

I've only stitched the little tan whale; I use it for my blog pic!

More Nautical things!  I love boats, too!  I haven't started any of these yet.  The big ones are Witchykitt desgins.  I've also got a lot of HAED mermaids because of the Hannah Lynn's a certain someone wants!
 photo 588s.jpg photo dim6847_g.jpg photo far.jpg photo 577_zps20818064.jpg photo 37a0348b-7a4a-48ff-82d0-5fd2a91832d1_zps0e59ae5f.jpg

And lastly, an unframed finish - my Nautical Sampler.  The flags are equal to the alphabet and the numbers 0-9.
 photo nautdone.jpg


  1. Oh more wonderful kits and charts Tama. I know I have those first 2 dolphin kits and I might have the one with the starfish started. My, but do seem to think alike except for the HAED's. lol


  2. You must have the most awesome stash pile:)

  3. I remember a coworker tried to start Dolphins Domain as her very first cross stitch project ever and gave up very quickly. Your dolphin and ship pictures are so pretty! I would like to stitch a big ship some day too!

  4. Love sea themed stitching kits. I did one w/ dolphins and other sea life and it called for the blending filament which is so hard to use! Nice effect but nothing I do keeps it from tangling. Do you always start your kits in the corner instead of the middle?

  5. So many awesome ocean pictures! I really like your finishes :-)

  6. I've stitched something quite similar to the dolphins at the top of your entry! Very cute!

  7. So many great pictures and designs. Thanks for sharing!