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Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for Garden

Once again, not the easiest letter to find something for - and I may have stretched it juuuuuust a little!

Anyway - a finish!

'Garden Bunnies'
 photo garbun_zps4d87faf1.jpg

This was a freebie, I don't remember where from but it was online.  It was one of the first things I ever stitched. I framed it myself before I really knew what I was doing.  It needs redone because it's pretty crooked!  I'll get around to it one day XD

A Work in Progress:

Dragon Dreams 'Gardener's Prayer'

As it will look:
 photo 37972h_zpsf4f0fb74.jpg

As it is:
 photo prayer2_zpsfbfd9514.jpg

I stopped when I had needed to order the beads for the next part and never picked it up again, even though I have the beads now!  I chose different shades of variegated thread for the specialty stitch dividers, each will be a different color.

And a kit, 'Summer Stroll':
 photo sumgar_zpsb8b0371c.jpg

Well, she's sort of in a garden?  Told you I had stretched it! Lol!!!


  1. I would love to do more stitching on the scale I did 10 or 11 years ago but I have run out of room on my walls for hanging stuff.

  2. Your Garden Bunnies is adoralbe Tama.
    Gardener's Prayer is very pretty. I love the Dimensions kit.


  3. Gardener's Prayer will look so beautiful with the special stitches and beads. I also have a freebie design of bunnies in one color. That reminds me to get back to it soon!