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Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Vash

I honestly had no idea what to do for this letter.  Until I happened to glance at a picture hanging on my wall.

I love anime and manga.  Love it.  Japanese cartoon-movies and graphic novels.  They are not little-kid stuff.  Some of them have dark themes.  Some are really dramatic.  Some are full of angst and love stories and incredibly imaginative sci-fi futuristic plots.

One of the best is Trigun.  Once again, not for little kids.  Not even the cleaned-up version they show on Cartoon Network.  It's called a Space Western (!) and people die.  Lots of people.  And quite messily sometimes.

Then the next minute you're laughing out loud at this idiot - Vash.

 photo trigun_Vash_Wolfwood_018_zps63ca7787.jpg

Who, in the best tradition of anime, can go from this -

 photo vash_zpsf7a4f019.jpg

to this -

 photo 2974060-vash-the-stampede-trigun-wallpapers_zps82e428fa.jpg

to this -

 photo vash-thumbsup_zps9f6bf0dc.jpg

and beyond, in the blink of an eye.

 photo images_zpsc560a670.jpg

Vash the Stampede, the sixty billion double-dollar man.  That's the reward that's on his head for destroying an entire city (which he can't remember doing, which is amusing at first and later it's really, really dark and serious.  I'm really not explaining this very well!)  He's also called the Humanoid  Typhoon.

Anyway, I adore Vash.  He's such an idiot! and then he turns around and is fierce and deadly and protective... I really recommend just watching some of the anime.  There's lots of it on youtube.  Lots of swearing, though, if you find the non-edited version.

I made a pattern of Vash in PCStitch a few years ago - the first one I made and then actually stitched!  Since he's all I could come up with for today, I thought I'd show you his progress shots.

I can't find the original picture, but this is the pattern picture.

 photo vashpic.jpg

 photo vash1_zpsaa38fdd1.jpg

 photo vash2_zps3bd9dcdc.jpg

 photo vash3a_zpsf6bcf41a.jpg

 photo vash_zps8a211d24.jpg

 photo vash4_zps5b5e942d.jpg

 photo vash5_zps1894f9e0.jpg

Left half done:

 photo vash6_zps87e628d6.jpg

 photo vash7_zpse08abcac.jpg

 photo vash9.jpg

 photo vash10.jpg

 photo vash11.jpg

And finished:

 photo vashdone.jpg

I also stitched Sprite versions of Vash, Wolfwood, Millie and Meryl, by Missy:

 photo vash_zpsa858bf49.jpg photo wolfwood_zpse264a70e.jpg photo millie_zpscbc6aafb.jpg photo meryl_zpsab7363af.jpg

And that's 'V' done! For letter W - the last theme-collection of kits I have!


  1. Wow, your giant stitch of Vash is amazing! :D It looks so cool on the black fabric- the reds and yellows really stand out!

  2. Wow he looks amazing! I agree anime and graphic novels can be very adult, take Watchmen for example. I too enjoy a number of different graphic novels.

  3. WOW!!! when you make the pattern does it tell you what colour floss to use too?

  4. You did a great job of making the pattern and the stitching is great.